Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spate of cartoons not funny, says the humour police.

Former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said today that the editor of The NST should be suspended for "two to three months" for publishing twice a comic strip linked to the controversy over the Prophet Muhammad caricatures.

"Although the original caricatures were not funny, at least Wiley Miller's effort was. But the second time around, it just wasn't as funny. If the newspaper is not suspended, the editor should be suspended. Because one can see that when it is reprinted one doesn't laugh as hard" said Mahathir in a Bernama story.

In a sentiment echoing the former premier's statement, the Lord President of Free Speech, Jeff Ooi, spent a minute or two to construct one helluva sentence.

"It looks like a matter of household delinquency for Umno that, if left unresolved, will negatively impact the party president and his deputy, both sequentially and consequentially, and even conversely. That will not be good for the whole country."

Meaning, in a wild moment of double-think, Ooi has decreed that when a national newspaper tries to break free of the hand that holds its leash, it is bad news for the country where he alone must be the sole possessor of freedom of the press.

Holding his laptop for safety, Ooi has already in the past few days, condemned the NST for "bringing the Prophet to the profane, street-level" when everyone knows that only Ooi has street cred, having kept it real for ages by working for a former NST GEIC.

Potshots beats all other media to this news. Meanwhile, Maxis could not be reached for comment on their role in this plague against all who hold comic strips dear to their heart.


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Well done!

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thank you for coming. tune in for more revelations.

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