Sunday, February 26, 2006

Both NST and Jeff Ooi in hotsoup as NGOs protest.

Amidst revelations that at least one Little Bird has been used by the Rolling Stone That Gathers No Moss of Journalism, Jeff Ooi to collect data for his blog, several NGOs have voiced out in protest over this ill treatment of cute, feathery, animals. Once again, Potshots beats all other media to the scoop.
"It has come as a shock to us that such a paragon of truth, liberty and freedom has been enslaving such poor creatures for such self-serving purposes," said a PETA spokesbeing today.
The Creature of Communication representing the SPCA also said today that it mattered not that the Birds in question were acting out of free will, since it was obvious that Avian Stockholm Syndrome had made these birds behave neurotically.
Meanwhile, consumer associations such as CAP have voiced out their concern that NST has been a nesting ground for birds given the current bird flu breakout.

A dead bird on the ground refuses to comment, this afternoon.

"The consumer has the right to such information concerning a product which comes into contact with the human skin and even nasi lemak on such a regular basis," said an uber consumer this afternoon.
Representatives from NST however, denied allegations that birds of any sort were under their employ.
"Frankly, I am terrified of anything furry or feathery and would long have quit if such a thing were true," said the Queen of the Fucking Universe and Editor of Life & Times, Joanne Low.
Ooi himself refused to comment on the issue, preferring to point to the adage that "Might is Right".

When reached, Maxis stated emphatically that they have never used any birds to send any sort of messages since they began operations.
"Yes, we understand that people are amazed that MMSes can move through thin air but the secret does not lie in messenger birds. Nor have we leased any of these birds into the service of Jeff Ooi."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Ooi so clever one. His mother must be proud give birth to such genius. You think former GEIC of NSTP Kadir got relation with his mother ah?

3/3/06 11:14  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

Should there be any such relation, have no doubt that Potshots will be on the pulse of such a scoop.

4/3/06 15:09  

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