Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jeff Ooi champions bad phototaking

Whilst Malaysians rejoiced over the Return Of The King To The Two Towers, Jeff Ooi to the pyramidoblog, several observers were keen to point out that he had not exactly returned to form. Several little ugly ducklings brought to Potshots' attention that

"Kids make good photos, but not when they are traumatised in situations such as the massive Shah Alam flash floods. All on-the-scene pictures by reader Munzir Fauzi, time-stamped Feb 27."

was the introduction to an eyesore revealing, in no uncertain terms, ACTUAL KIDS WHO WERE TRAUMATISED. Meaning, these were not good photos and can only be interpreted by photography experts as being bad.
This follows on the back of Ooi's diabolical project to blind Malaysians with his LensaMalaysia project. As of printing time, it was discovered that Ooi's photoblog looked somewhat similar to Screenshots, in fact, exactly identical, in a move that can only be described by photo experts once again, as bewildering, very much like NST's 'unreserved apology' last week.

In related but only by marriage news, Screenshots also insinuated that the RM4.4billion that the government would save on fuel subsidies was a calculated move to bail MAS out. Ooi quoted a Joe Public on this piece of analysis but after some prying about with a blunt fork, Potshots has discovered that no such Mr Public was known to be any sort of financial or economic expert and that the only Mr Public that was recurrent in Malaysian culture was this one:

Private Public from Sheep In The City, perhaps misquoted by Jeff Ooi, yesterday.

But Potshots has, at the tip of his very shapely fingers, numerous contacts who can actually provide more in-depth analysis on the local economic landscape, namely, Little Earthworms. When Ooi reported that Celcom would slash its starter pack to RM4.99, in fact, as of yesterday, Potshots sent out its earthworms to dig out any possible dirt (haha, I kill me. earthworms and dirt, geddit? geddit?) on the issue.

Partial colourblindness, an unconfirmed ailment from using Celcom's Xpax prepaid service, in the long term.

What was discovered was that the price of a Celcom starter pack, was very close to the price of a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish! Could this be the goverment's ploy (through it's trusted GLCs) to oust the American company's operation in Malaysia and set up a GLC-linked fast food operation of its own? Who knows. But what we've learned from Sifu Ooi is that, "Might Is Right".

Jeff Ooi, preaching it, on Ash Wednesday.

Maxis was reached for comments on its competitor's move and simply proclaimed that, "Celcom can sell its prepaid at any price it wants, we will simply continue to irritate Jeff Ooi with more substandard service, which he will report on his blog and result in free branding, and everyone knows that brands are what sells in Malaysia."

Once again, Potshots, with all the details that none of you cared about until now, today, now.


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oh god, that was good!


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Your cosmic blog is a laugh-a-minute read so just please you keep pushing that Post button.

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