Sunday, March 12, 2006

Daft Oi a patriot!

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, which is nobody but then let's all pretend it concerns us anyway, shall we?

The only Mutant with Powers of Free Speech to study at Professor X's school, Jeff Ooi, has stated on his Pelajar Terbaik SM Assunta-winning blog, Screenshots, that some other guy whom he claims to respect has made the pronouncement that Malaysian bloggers are patriots. Since this category undoubtedly includes Daft Oi (unlike the category of 'eminent Malaysian bloggers', which is made up of Daft Oi alone), the only conclusion I can draw is that I am a patriot!

A patriot, I tell you!

I was nearly speechless at having been bestowed this honour, but luckily for me not speechless enough that I couldn't go straight out to my favourite place, the grassroots, to root around with my Little Earthworms and find out what Jill Civic has to say about this issue. Apparently she's impressed.

"Perhaps this is why the American military is so interested in Jeff's blog," she said, clearly flushed with lust just to be standing before myself, a fine example of a patriotic alpha male, "Don't the Americans have a Patriot Act, and doesn't Jeff Ooi spend all his time Acting like a Patriot?

It has also been rumoured that Maxis is the Most Unpatriotic Firm in Malaysia, since their slogan clearly states that 'More Malaysians Choose Maxis' without saying anything about Maxis choosing Malaysians. What this means is that they don't give so much as a hoot from a half-dead owl about Malaysians, even though Malaysians so loyally continue to choose them - at any given moment, they may decide that while Malaysians choose Maxis, Maxis chooses Bulgarians...and then what will we do? Maxis must be stopped dead in the tracks, like a thing that has died on the tracks while moving and then stopped.

But back to me: how will this newly-bestowed honour affect the future of Potshots? Will I take to being even more daring, now that I have official hero-status to fall back on? Only time will tell, but because Might is Right the high-octane powers that be had best be wary and watch their backs. Stop the lousy movie, and give more of us patriotic bloggers screen-time instead, whilst also feeding the head honchos to the sea lion's den.

On that note, this is Potshots, signing out as patriotically as is humanly possible, so patriotically my patriotism just gave a headache to a dozen people in a nonexistent country called Israel - the nonexistent buggers.

Another patriot, although this one is less potent a phallic symbol than Daft Oi, last night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great blog. Keep up the good writing (even patriots need encouragement)

~ Mint

13/3/06 09:19  

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