Monday, April 30, 2007

Laughing Banned in All Goverment Buildings

It is a rare occasion when Potshots misses a trick. Usually, we miss half a dozen at a go.

In one recent six-pack of "wtf, I must be blind" moments, it was the redoubtable Jeffaw Hooi-Lawak-Betul who scooped our ass like it was his favourite mutton curry at Syed bistro.

Jeff's penchant for mutton curry has made this sort of sixpack become a thing of, the past.

Yes, it was the Screenshooter himself who got the early story in after being tip-offed. It was so early that it was a day after The Biggest Ball of Gaseous Advertising had printed the story. My, my, Jeff sure is working hard for his money, isn't he?

Artist impression of Jeff being on the ball, which is of course, the wrong sort of on the ball but can you blame the artist after reading for years?

But he certainly gave us a wonderful piece of sensationalist tabloid journalism, one that has crushed the stony ego and resolve of the folks here at Potshots who believe ourselves to the pillar of sensationalist tabloid journalism of Malaysia as per the standards of Hello! magazine in the UK, by revealing that it was not shoddy construction or too much air bandung being dumped down the sink that caused leaking and burst pipes down in Putrajaya - the capital formerly known as 'one estate-la' - but instead, the worse evil known to mankind.

Ladies and gentlemen, be afraid, be very a-feared, for Putrajaya, it be hainted by them ghosts called LAUGHTER.

Do not ask for whom the Laughter laughs, it laughs for tee-hee-hee.

Yes, ma'am. It was not lousy material from Suchou, nor plumbers from Atlantis but Laughter that slew the concrete beast that is Putrajaya. What is worse, my good sirs, is that this Laughter did not come alone, but as MP-USJ (Skrinsot) Jeff himself has revealed, it was Laughter'S'!

Immediately after Jeff broke this piece of scintillating - which simply means unsubstantiated - news, the Cabinet, in its fear of allowing Putrajaya to look stupid, went ahead and made themselves look stupid instead, by deciding that Laughter would be banned from all federal buildings at once.

The new MP-Ijok (BN) K. Tartheroad said, "We cannot allow any more of our expensively contracted and subcontracted government offices to become submerged in so much water. Then my constituents will start coming to fetch water from these buildings."

Tsk, tsk, tsk, think of all the dry people in Ijok, desperate for water everyday.

As such, it was announced, that to prevent future occurrences of laughter, Screenshots would be blocked from the Internet on all government computers and also, Jeff would not be allowed to even show his face in those hallowed halls. Further to that, Samy would have to get rid of his stupid wig and all MPs must stop behaving like monkeys in Parliament, except when in the car park.

Tonight, we dine in hell!

The Screenshooting Lensataking Blogatronic Guy was obviously incensed at this and vowed to somehow make even more misguided literary deductions in an effort to confuse and mire the government in more shenanigans.

Meanwhile, TunDr, TunDr, TunDrKats Mahathir Mohamed called on the people of Ijok to "Use the ballot box to tell the 'rotten' government not all is well!"
Yes, KarTun, they have heeded your call and voted for the post-Mahathir BN. They're obviously sick of your 'rotten' government that gave us buildings in Putrajaya that have become weak with 'laughters'.

Thankfully, DrM didn't have the foresight to put water in the bridges, instead of just under them, back in the good ol' 90s.

Maxis, after a long hiatus, have informed me that they had nothing to do with either Ijok or the leaking pipes since only government officers only laugh at Celcom ads.


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