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Marina Does Backflips In Aid of United Heads Of Blogna

I had last month, promised to bring you the latest and most insane rumblings of members and supporters of the Bloggers United movement, i.e., people who really need to do something about their self-esteem so they're convincing themselves that Notevenhalfthe Sizeofstar Times is something worth bringing down. This is of course, like how as kids, we thought that having a Level 56 Sorcerer who can raise skeletons from the dead and has the Staff of Summoning +6 was a really big deal and would validate all the time we spent not having an actual life. Wait, you mean, you still do that?

All Stars siut, don't mess with the best, or die like the Level 10 Priest, after being cut down by my Sword of Righteousness (3d20+4).

But because there's just too much funny shit going around for my staff to track, half of which, has gone to further their education in some fucktarded field (or rather, field which suffers from fucktardation) of Intellectual Wankings and Political Masturbations. Here, at Potshots, we believe in giving Malaysians a better future. Hopefully, we will reap the benefits of such jerk-offs in due time.
So instead, we're going to focus on just one blogger. One very important blogger. Important, not because she is influential. Not because she has some observation that is incisive and wise. Important, because she is Malaysia's candidate for the most boring load of bollocks ever to be seen on the Internet.

A different sort of load of bollocks, which is not boring, unlike Marina, perpetually a yawnfest.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, RantingsbyMM, which can be translated as the branches that melt in your mouth, not in your hands.
My good fellow patriots, this woman, has her head stuck so far up her father's ass, that on her blog, you will see that she has listed as one of the 'Blogs That I Like', a particular one called MusingwithMarinaMahathir.
Now before you think that it's somewhat conceited to say that you like your own musings, this is not the case. Said site is actually a fansite! Run by some person who insists that,

"The articles are copy from the news for SambalBelacan's collection/reading. So, SambalBelacan IS NOT Marina. SambalBelacan is just one of her crowd readers too."

and basically just hopes that people kinda figure out what the hell she is trying to say. So, friends, the truth is Marina is not somewhat conceited. She is thoroughly so.

But we're not here to argue over Marina's personality, but rather, the good work she has done in trying to raise funds for the legal fund for Bloggers, which I have a feeling, I'll be using pretty soon.
While others have cancelled their subscriptions to NST to help the fund, or went out and bought some t-shirts or rob some banks, Marina is the only one who has used her considerable knowhow and connections to come up with the greatest fundraiser of all time. This makes George Bush Jr's use of his father's name (he uses it so well that he's basically used it as his own!) look rather limp.
Marina's passed around a jogathon card to raise millions by putting on display, some amazing gymnastic skills as she backflips, backtracks and bak kut tehs her way into her own backside in her comments to her own post about how NST is evil and bloggers are like the rebellion and she is like Luke Skywalker.

It's a trap! By Darth Kali, this time!

From her starting position, which is one never seen before in the world of gymnastics, Marina said,

"The point is, this sort of heavyhanded intimidation is an impediment to democracy because it impedes freedom of speech and limits our people's access to alternative views about current events. It insults all of us because it assumes that we cannot come up with the 'right' opinion if we are allowed to see all the different perspectives on a particular subject. It is a blatant form of censorship."

Let's try to keep a straight face here as we absorb her unique definition of why something is an impediment. But then, she executes a double reverse somersault and triple axle in her first comment, saying,

"I trust all of you are smart enough to know what is fair comment and what is not. And the implications on everybody of court actions like this. Nobody is saying that they should not take them to court but it is intimidating nevertheless. Yes, this will be a test case and that's fine."

So, now it seems, it's not that NST shouldn't take the bloggers Rocky and Jeff (not their real names, so as to protect their identity) to court, it's just that it's 'intimidating'.
So, does this mean it's OKAY to create "an impediment to democracy and limit our people's access to alternative views about current events?" To insult all of us and assume that we cannot come up with the 'right' opinion if we are allowed to see all the different perspectives on a particular subject?" "To blatantly censor?"
All this is now okay?

Or maybe, she didn't mean at all that being an impediment to democracy and free speech was a bad thing. That NST following in the footsteps of Lord President-sacking and ISA-invoking Tun Dr Mighty Mouse is a good thing. Since in the same comment, she states that,

"Yes,there are limits to freedom of speech. Question is, who defines it? In some countries, the government limits speech to only one approved language , cutting out the right of minority languages, and therefore peoples, to be heard. The principle of freedom of speech must be adhered to, to allow for people to understand the responsibility involved in that."

So, maybe she means that NST impeding free speech is a way to limit free speech and to make people responsible. Hmm, that's a good thought, Marina. Although all that jazz about limiting to one approved language is all over my head. I mean, geez, what do you expect? Road signs the size of the late Anna Nicole Smith's boobs so that 752408 different languages can be catered to?

God rest her face.

Never mind that, on to the next routine. And this time, it's a parallel double twist and quintuple rollover and beg.

"Folks, it's like this. The blogbros are being sued and that's a fact.They need support because they don't have the resources of the other side. So those who want to support, both morally and financially, do come forward.Let's not argue whether they are right or wrong before the court decides."

So, let's morally support people whether or not they're right or wrong. After all, what is morals but a stupid useless subject that my father decided we'd teach in school so people could go to SPM and memorise the 51 or so morals and pass the exam. Our education system is so stupid that Marina decided she'd send her own daughter overseas to study, unlike us poor dickheads, we'll just have to settle with being stupid.

I'm with stupid!

That's strange, because us poor like Kenny from South Park people never got the 'support' of people like Marina who have the 'resources'. But now, because a couple of bloggers yakkety-yakked too much, we should 'support' them with 'resources'?
But that's not the only highlight of this particular acrobatic move. Next, she said,

"And it would be good if the bloggerhood came together as a community. That in itself would be an achievement."

Oh, right. Come together, forget your own stuff and your own causes, let's all band together like some sort of brotherhood except with bloggers, and become like one hippie commune. Like communists. Yeah, free speech, meaning, all of us, come and join Marina and what she's trying to do. Yeah! Free Speech for Marina!

Another hood, back when all this bad spelling was cool.

Except when it's in a foreign language, no-ho.

"I publish all responses except those which are out of topic (can be slack on this), advertising and in foreign languages which I don't think most people will understand."

Thankfully, Marina is not the government, so in her blog, she can limit the languages and not cut out minority reports. All power to Marina the Blogger! She can do everything the NST can't, because bloggers are above the law!

Marina is higher than Judge Dredd cause he's only 'the law' not above it, for all eternity.

Yes, so high above the law, that when something goes wrong, she can just say, "they got lost" as was the case with several comments on her blog. And she can also blame "the system". Yes, everyone's fault, but my own.
But if you are garmen, wah, kenot! How can you not know about boats and private jets and stuff. Must know! Cannot 'get lost' and cannot 'blame the system'. Don't you know, only Supermarina can do such things?

Supermarina Returns!

The only way to stop Supermarina, is with Hypocritonite! Off, I go, to find some to save the day!


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15/2/07 14:27  
Blogger Sharizal said...

i so totally see where you're coming from daft. It seems that the whole blogosphere has gone biased without prejudice over the NST suit.


Nice spoofsite on jeff! haha!

Jeff is a great guy and a friend but lately i can't help feeling that he cannot take criticims from friends all too well :(

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