Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's The End Of The Year As We Know It!

Whoopdeedoodiddlydumdumbebop. It's about that time of the year to go party, exchange presents, kisses under mistletoe and celebrate a new year which will be exactly like the one before except with better technology and better ways to waste it.
First and foremost, Merry Christmas. Yes, I can wish that to you because I am not Muslim. But I only wish it to people who are not Muslim because it would insult Islam if I did. So, Merry Christmas to all except Jeff bin Ooi who is apparently a Melayu with a lot of Malay brethren.
Why our good friend had to point out the fact that most civil servants are Malays in his post, I have no idea, but then, Ooi likes to play the race card rather so often because as we all know, he's a racy ol' chap.

A sore dick by any other name, for far too long.

Walaubagaimanapun, it is still the time of the year to reflect, and for those of us who are not mirrors, to think back on what has happened in the last 12 months, 365 days, 385854287 hours, 290580743987420 minutes, 37501-81-1=6-3 seconds or 3 squitonings.
For Daft Oi, the most significant thing has been the appearance of spam comments on my blog. Because of that, I must now turn off anonymous comments here. This is in no way a personal attack on all the anonymous commenters who are actual people because I really don't know who you guys are. Seriously, I don't. I mean, I don't even know your name.
Some may accuse Daft Oi of being a hypocrite for removing this right to anonymous free speech. But Daft Oi knows no hypocrisy. Literally, he doesn't even know what it means or how it's spelt. I copy and pasted from the crack in the space-time continuum when KarTun shook hands with George Sorok-Duit.

Ommm, H, ommm, Y, omm P...

Berkaitan dengan itu, it seems that for Saudara Mohd Jeff bin Ooizaffar Syeikh, he simply wants to Forget 2006. He does that, by recounting the events of 2006 which best serve his interest. Wow, I wish I had thought of that earlier. Forget by remembering. I mean, it's so diabolical it just might work!
With this new mind-boggling technique, we have in our hands, a great solution to all the racial undercurrents of our beloved tanahair. Simply remember with great passion, loathing and hate, the events of May 13, the blood spilt by the Communists, the scholarships lost to some MARA students who got the answers to the SPM exam two weeks in advance, the Chinese jeweller who sold you an authentic 100% aluminium 92.5 silver jewelry, the Indian lawyer who promised represent you in court but was two hours late because he was out drinking last night. Remember, and let's live 2007 in total muhibbahness, niggahs!

Remember, remember, the 13th of Mayvember.

And for 2007, what plans does Daft Oi have? Well, I have plans to be an F1 driver, an astronaut, a movie star, pop idol and war general! Ambitious? Ridiculous? WTF? No, definitely not.
According to the most impressive Log-Ooi-c that we have used before, if you've ever been on a boat, then you must surely want to be a sailor.
So, I've been to an F1 race before, a planetarium, cinema, bought some CDs and also visited an army barracks. It won't be long, my dear readers, before I am reporting about my adventures of racing in outer space while gunning down even Martians and making a movie about it which will be, yes, you guessed it, a musical!

Flash ain't got shit on me, in 2007.

On that note, I guess it won't be long either before Jeff becomes Jeff of the Jungle, King of the Borneon Orang Utans.
After all, he's been photographed like this,

So it looks like a wonderful 2007 for humanity in general. So long as we keep global warming down, if not, it'll all go Waterworld-like. And you seriously do not want to be living in a bad Kevin Costner movie, nosirreesahludacris.


Blogger tigerjoe said...

Come to think of it, JO would be to blogging what Kevin Costner is to films.

The sort of person who makes one go: yennadey?

26/12/06 13:55  

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