Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Son of an Outlaw

It was strange to find that The Sixth High Emperor of the TakBolehBlogUntukSelamatkanNyawaKu, Jeffro Tull was referring to his ipod playlist directly after celebrating the joy of a nuptial. Stranger still, was the fact that his playlist was full of pictures of men...

But as always, Daft Oi is here to right what is wrong. To put a leadpipe through the skull of snatch-thieves and to headbutt nipple-tweakers.
Once again, my army of intrepd Little Earthworms have found this in the trashcan of the Scribe...

Shall I add 'Stupid Girl' (Pink) on my i-Pod playlist?

Or maybe 'Master of Puppets' (Metallica)?

Perhaps 'Nookie' (Limp Bizkit)?

When I was about to put up this post, a good friend of mine, Unspun's Ong Hock Chuan told me that I shouldn't put up this highly personal information on Ooi's life up on the Internet because what if some of Ooi's enemies go to his house and disrupt the ceremony, what if one of Jeffrey Jr's previous flames turned up with his lovechild. But most of all, it's because "You, Rockybru, is no longer editor of a major paper because you weren’t tame and trained enough to reflect only His Master’s Voice."
My reply was, "Nevermind your bad grammar, Ong, and your standards for what you call a major paper, but surely Rockybiru was tamed and trained enough. NSTP threw him an RM400k bone out of the building and he went bounding after it. Of course, it wasn't much effort, he was already spending all his time outside the building."

Rocky... no, not that one, ya, that one, a little pussy, drunk at the Press Club last night.

Ong, rebutted with, "Mahathir, however, fails to have a sense of irony.
My reply was, "What’s that got anything to do with the price of sugar, girl, honey, honey?"

Reports of unlimited sugar rush, unconfirmed, in his prime.

I guess his point was that since Ooi and our KarTun are fast friends and cohorts, they both have no sense of irony and Ooi would not understand the humour in my post even though he truly believed there was humour in his.
But I would not be deterred, even if Ooi suggests that Malaysia has no free media, I am determined to prove him wrong, just like how Ong's post proved him wrong by explaining that blogs and the like could work around government censorship.
Because Ooi must have a sense of irony. After all, he linked on his blog, Ong's blog post about how thanks to technology, media is now free from government controls. He did this to point out how since Rocky's Bruschetta and Ooi's Cream Chops have been banned from NST, that there is no freedom of media. This has more irony than Amsteel and all the besi buruk in the country put together! Irony I tell you!

Reported sightings of world's largest source of irony, also unconfirmed, yesterday.

Either that, or Ooi is dumb. Now, that can't be, can it? He is, after all, Malaysia's most popular blogger. Can it truly be that the Malaysian Blogtropolis is made up of idiots?
I refuse to believe such utter crap, which is worse than an otter's crab after it has been split in two and eaten. And so, I can only blame all of this on Maxis. I am sure Ooi will agree with me that it's all Maxis' fault. Maxis, maxis, maxis.

Not Maxis, the official broadcast something something, all of last month.

However, can someone advise me if I should update my ang pow packet with RM10 or RM50 for the wedding?


Anonymous kadirmuar - not related to jasin said...


I cant stop my ketawa ..kahkahkah.. u are lite, i mean right on most counts and claims

ps: anyway, if u want to use graphics in your posts, please use it below 400px. otherwise, it will yank out your navigation bar like it just did. cheers and keep the daftness cumming

12/7/06 09:07  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

dear citizen who is not related to scribes or tribes or whatever,
that's strange. the graphics look fine on my screen. maybe it's because ur native resolution is small. as you know, i am also pushing the national broadband plan agenda and encouraging people to use resolutions like 5billion by 3billion. only then can we encourage enough throughput of practically the same information as dialup days, to consider ourselves a developed country.

12/7/06 09:29  
Blogger tigerjoe said...

I have one question:

Is that cellphone number for real?

It's that time of the week when I phone-in my 4D orders, you see.

12/7/06 16:51  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

just as Ah Ooi used real numbers, so too must I.

12/7/06 16:58  
Anonymous kadirmuar - not related to jasin said...

Kahakahkah... hey, good one that talipon number.. I tink the deaf OOi will now be shivering in his undies. Imaging taking potshots. Well done Daft. Save the world from the Deafs..

ps: Try checking your resolution to 1024 x 768 and u will see how the sidebar gets yanked to the ground, just like someone-living-in-USJ-who-is-destined-to-save-the-world after reading your hilarious post. Good job, Spin. Sapa makan cabai, dia rasa pedas!

12/7/06 23:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you. Ooi thinks the world revolves around his blog. He's getting too full of himself. He crossed the line with the wedding card gesture. I can fathom attacks on another's views or position but to demean an innocent girl's wedding is just too much. Anyway, Ooi and Rockybru are self-serving blogs although they like to pretend otherwise.

13/7/06 10:46  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

yo kadir. i have reduced my resolution to the miniscule resolution u have specified. however, there is still no problem on my browser.
but herein lies, as they say, the rubber ducky. my browser is not part of the monopoly of microsoft.
if you use IE, i suggest switching to the better, cheaper, newer, more monstrous-like, firefucks.
in the meantime, i apologise for any discomfort caused to all readers.

13/7/06 12:11  
Anonymous kadirmuar - not related to jasin said...

My comments are not to cause your any discomfort, psychological or otherwise.
Just a note from a frendly neighbor..
Will try firefucks or opra wimprey browse next..

13/7/06 19:41  
Anonymous banned from shitshots said...

Hi Daffy, his hp correct ah? sure or not? i just whoised jo.com & got 122956356.

But why you never post betul punya address ah? Can whois also wat. uhh provided it's still correct lah

13/7/06 23:42  
Anonymous kadirmuar - not related to jasin said...

You got an ally in the Machai blog. www.machai.net

Very funny lah.. my big Jasin brudder in in trouble

20/7/06 22:43  
Blogger Dawn said...

Wow, I didn't really think there was so much happenings in the blogosphere... Good to know..

20/7/06 22:45  

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