Friday, April 28, 2006

Triple Trouble Threat - Three Ts That Thou Thinketh Titles This Thread

Ladies and gentlemen. And ladies.
On the back of wild celebrations - instead of a horse, galloping into the sunset after another gunfight - since our announced partnership with Google, a majority of the company has taken ill due to hangovers, although foul play has not been ruled out.
Fowl play however, in the form of some minute avians has been uncategorically ruled out, despite being obvious suspects, since the mere idea of such punnery would make the Potshots staff even sicker. Oops.

Fowl play can be deadly, sejak Zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka.

At least half of the staff has been unable to contribute to Potshots' daily, dairy or hairy operations since early this month, due to the illness mentioned above, the recently concluded talks with Google and too much time spent taking pictures of snails.
Whatever the raison d'etre and whether there was an agent provocateur who incited too much à la mode during the night's joie de vivre, all we know is that this will not stop Potshots from bringing you the par excellence in risqué and rouge repartee thanks to the greater than ever before esprit de corps.

In other news, Potshots is now offering evening classes for those who are too lazy to click on links to find out the meaning of borrowed words used by English writers/journalists (or in fact, bloggers) who use them for no apparent reason other than to make a reader click on a link to find out what he is trying to say. C'est la vie, eh?

Voila, fresh from the fryer a minute ago.

Meanwhile, our brand spanking like a discipline teacher who's just caught someone smoking in class new email address has received a rather insightful correspondence. Here it is, reproduced verbatim, with no history tampered at all.

Underground Mail via Wormhole
From: Jill Satria Civic
Date: Apr 27, 2006 10:01 AM
Subject: "First World Mentality"

Dear Daft 'Equinely Hung' Oi,

I don't know whether this is worth blogging. But as always, that is not the point with you. The point is truth, whether Rashomon, Pokemon or common.

The reason I am emailing - besides to proposition you, of course - is to inform you of the lack of good First World mentality in places where you most expect it - the FIRST WORLD ITSELF!
I was appalled, when I arrived, to find such a hideous sight. Just look at it!

This was only after I had visited their modern, state-of-the-art website where I took an eGENTING Virtual Tour and found such beauty in how their hotel foyer was rendered. It looked perfectly in sync with the Satria GTi that was parked in its foyer. It had me dying to park MY SATRIA GTI THERE TOO!
So, without further a deer, a female deer, I decided to book a long stay there at the soonest possibility where I could take advantage of their low season rates, instead of their shoulder, chin, nose, head, peak, super peak, peek-a-boo or prick prices. After consulting their seasonal charts, I finally found a period that was perfect!
So here I was, a decade later, with my Satria purring like a meowing hyena outside their hotel and I am aghast at what I see. It's enough to make a man commit suicide. Thankfully, I am woman. Women hold up half the sky. Because we are afraid it will fall. Funny, cause the other half doesn't seem to fall either.
But nevermind that, we must change this First World mentality and force them to repaint their building to something less 'mental'(I funny or not, Daft?).

Best regards,
Jill Satria Civic

ps: enclosed here, are two pieces of my used underwear, fresh off my creamy buttocks. Just for you, my hero!

I told you it was verbatim.

For those of you still with us, the last piece of information in today's triple goodie-two-shoes pack is that the Malaysian Blog-of-Record (unlike the NST, which isn't, although the Blog-of-Record claims that NST claims it is, a newspaper of record), Screenshots, has broken the "cardinal rule of good journalism. There is no source attributable to a reliable spokesperson."

His Holiness, the Cardinal Rule of Good Journalism, before he was broken.

In a recent entry, Ooi claims that people are asking something he cannot prove they are asking. But a nagging question begs asking: are these people make believe? Is his oft-cited Joe Public nothing more than mere fictions of his imagination? Are his Little Birds even less tangible than he claims? Who knows, but if any Jill Civics or Little Earthworms report to Daft Oi on this, you'll certainly find out, post-haste!


Anonymous Joe Q. Public said...

The next person who uses my name in their blog post is going to get a bill from me.

28/4/06 09:54  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

gee, that explains why mother theresa was so rich...

28/4/06 10:23  
Anonymous Joe said...

Have you seen the man's latest post?

It seems that someone reckons / implies / insinuates that they can be the new MGG Pillai. Or at least take the late Mr. Pillai's place as a commentator. Right at the very end of the post.

It could have been a decent tribute to an excellent teacher of economics and the person whose writing / use of statistics proved that two plus two can be anything one wants it to be. But no, fell flat at the very last sentence.

28/4/06 14:46  

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