Friday, April 21, 2006

Google now a Potshots Premium Partner

In the past few days, Potshots has not been updating its website as it had frozen - like those peas, corn and carrots that come with your hawker stall chicken chop - its own operations while negotiating a sponsorship deal with Google Ink, which comes in blue, red, yellow and green. I like green.
Lo, and behold, Google was so impressed with Daft Oi and his team, that they have offered him the position of top search result when you type in daft oi on your google search bar.

A fatter type of Lo, before he became a DJ.

Even better, they've also decided to help out any Jill Civics who want to get jiggy with Yours Truly, Madly, Deeply, by allowing them to type my name and let Google know they're feeling lucky.
"We are proud to have signed this longterm contract with Potshots as their brand, which is associated with honesty, accuracy and hari-hari makan nasi, will definitely help us pound the hapless Yahoo!li!gan!s! into submission," said Google Business Development Director Goo Gurl, who is a self-confessed Jill Civic type of girl... Type-XXX, that is.

Goo Gurl, Ogling & Googling, all night long.

In lieu of payment, Potshots Public Limited Conqueror of Universes will receive a whopping 2700+ MB email account for all loyal and patriotic fans to get in touch with Oi and have cybersex with him (note: only fit chicks need apply). The latter is all thanks to Google's generous offer of integrating Gmail Talk functions for this email address. The humongous mailbox, according to Gurl, will continue to grow in accordance with the size of public lust for Oi's hot, boiling and waiting to explode like Mount Merapi sexuality. Don't jeles.

I'm too sexy for yahoo, as most recently reported by analysts.

With this new development of course, Potshots will change its email address to reflect its new partnership with Google. In return, Google will provide Potshots with an integrated and scalable prioritised news feeds into his email interface like so.

Google news, right at my doorstep, from now on!

Not only that, Google promises to help Potshots to achieve record profits by offering the latest news of the best bargains according to whatever Oi is talking or typing about. Google is getting so intimate with us that it's like sharing a prison cell with Tom Cruise and Elton John at the same time!

So, my esteemed readers. Waste no time, get on your bikes and ride to the nearest Internet connection. If you find a handicapped or preschooler using it, don't worry, shove that Screenshots reader aside and do your bit for justice and freedom of the Press to quote Google as an official source by emailing us!


Blogger tigerjoe said...

I think that Google chick needs a hand with her top. Maybe two hands. :P

21/4/06 18:19  
Blogger Anak Merdeka said...

Hey! Since WHEN have you turned into a WORM??

21/4/06 19:01  
Blogger Daft Oi said...

they say people start looking like their pets.

22/4/06 00:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man that Google chick reminds me of a chick that I never dated and met before. Between her and the caption of a flying half naked Michele Yeoh who do you think should be the mascot for this blog, ok ok besides the worms.

22/4/06 09:06  

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