Sunday, June 25, 2006

World Cup Update

Yes, the tournament in Germany has progressed to the knockout phas.... what?


We interrupt this highly comic circle of numberical importance to bring you news that is related by the letters, W, O and R and of even more alphabetsical importance!


War, what is it good for, absolutely nothing, as history tells it.

Yes, while the innocent employees and equity holders of Potshots Sdn Tak Berhad Kerana Sudah Merdeka were trying to con each other whilst betting on whether Spain would beat our Muslim Brethren from the Holy Oily Footy team from Saudi Arabia, the Loony Tun announced that he would "cari sampai ke lubang cacing" to resolve issues!

Another kind of wormhole, where time is not a dimension.

Issues, I tell you. What issue does M the Mahathir have with humble ol' Daft Oi and his unworthy little crawlies? I have merely been unselfishly pursuing my own agenda in the interest of my countrymen - to seek out the truth as I see fit!
Surely a man like Mahadona, the Hand of Govt, can identify with my undying allegiance to the ways and means first practiced on this Water Land by his own Berbahagia self.

Meanwhile, The Blog That Went To The World Cup to show off his LG phone, Jeff Ooi, chooses to spin this as if my Little Earthworms are a side issue, that the real target is the source!
"I will dig until I find the source of the worms!", he reports or rather translates or rather, misinterprets what Matahathir so shiningly exclaimed.
He even goes so far as to claim that Potshots is controlling the government and that we are a bunch of homosexuals by saying that,

"So, he (Mahathir) soldiers and battles on to out the 'Third Party' that "controls the Abdullah administration."

Unconfirmed reports of party animals belonging to the Third Party, at the last elections.

Now, both Ooi and I and you and he and she know that homosexuality is illegal in this country. Not only has Ooi slurred my premium sponsor Google, he has also slurred me! It seems that he is now in cahoots with the Politician Formerly Known As Prime Minister! Oh, wait, but we already knew that.

In news related by being late twice, Maxis 3G, the only Gs in the hood to give you all the action, 8 minutes too late, promises that after you spend 15 minutes calling someone to talk about the last 45 minutes, Potshots will be back with an actual World Cup update.


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