Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just like the Commonwealth Games, we're back

A-ha, you must've thought that you had finally rid yourself of the nagging conscience that is Daft Oi, that Potshots had disappeared miraculously like the pimple on your buttcheek after applying Oxy 10.
But no, Daft Oi is the unreachable scratch on your back, the piece of spinach stuck between your molars, the rash from your allergic reaction to peanuts that won't go away because you're just a sucker for those Castello peanut butter sandwiches from Julie's.

What may or may not be the molecular structure of the active ingredient in your Acne medicine, back when you were a geeky teenager.

Daft Oi has merely been on a political field trip, visiting our neighbours whose only jokes are about Malaysians, the land where a couple, 33 (married) and 19 (slut?), can be found dead in a car at certain stages of undress, but the real news is that the State Coroner Tan Boon Heng's warning of busted car floorboards and blocked exhaust pipes should be heeded.
Here, the excitement over the runup to the General Elections is hotting up like icecream left in the sun for too long. How many people will be blacklisted for not voting for PAP this time? Will you be able to count the number of opposition candidates on one, or TWO hands?
Yes, the land where being part of the 'hip, hot & happening' youth means you love national day parade fireworks, you can't live without MSN, you voted for taufik at Singapore Idol and you watch EPL football. Basically, you're the same as everyone else.

While in Malaysia, the no.1 blog is that of the 101-octane petrol-powered J377 001-droid, in Singapore, it's a short woman who impersonates other bloggers and makes xenophobic remarks, after Christmas.

Daft Oi will resume regular service, shortly, but not as short as Xiaxue.


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